I used to love to write diaries in my teens and early twenties, when I was trying to find the balance between having too much fun raving and misbehaving in London and travelling the world working as a model and needing to be fit and healthy.


They read as self pep talks, trying to persuade myself not to drink and smoke so much, whilst I carried on doing exactly that with just a bit of heart breaking thrown in.


Those days flew by and in my late 20s, I finally grew up, got married and had two amazing children Arthur and Lola. After almost ten years of marriage and then divorce, I spent a couple of years producing a feature film, Winter, which won lots of festival awards and is currently available on the SKY store. 


I am now married to Josh, a very handsome Aussie and we were so lucky to have a gorgeous wedding last year, in the village that I grew up in in the Cotswolds, which was incredibly intimate, beautiful and fun. 


We live just on the edge of Richmond Park and we are currently in the midst of the Covid 19 lockdown. Being locked in with Josh, Arthur and Lola both super lovely teenagers now and Stan our much loved hairy white lab, I feel very blessed, if a little stir crazy. Stan and I are going on long walks in the park, Josh and the kids and I are playing lots of cards game and we have an in house cooking competition on the go, as well as a most impossible puzzle to finish. So far so good!


I am currently producing the second series of my new podcast Healthy Happy Home, which we are filming over zoom, with new episodes out every week on everything holistic health and living.  Josh and I have a  wellness retreat company, Retreat Life, our UK based wellbeing retreats are all towards the back end of this year, so check it out for more details, we look forward to seeing you there!


On the website you’ll find a couple of blog posts and links to articles that I have written, plus a few modelling photos and film clips from recent acting projects, the podcast and some video clips from the recent episodes.


 I hope that you enjoy and please do get intouch anytime! I am  always interested to hear from you.


Lots of love, light and laughter to you all. 


Tilly xx