Wow have you tried yin yoga?  Has to be the best class because you don’t actually do anything.  Just long stretches. I may have been asleep for some of the class or maybe meditating it can be hard for me to tell the difference. I was pretty spaced out after the class. See photo.

Yin Yoga is relaxing and perfect if you are too exhausted to train but still need sometime for yourself. Tired before the class, I felt calm and refreshed afterwards. Lying down for and hour and a half, yin yoga is the slow living version of yoga. If the new nordic trend of Hugge did yoga this would be it. Recommended for all lazy souls living hectic lives.

Our bodies are made up of yin and yan tissues. Muscles are yang, and are strengthened by yang activities, repetitive movements that create heat.  Shorter holds, dynamic stretching, sun salutations, running and cycling all target our yang muscles.

We need a combination of yang and yin to keep the joints healthy. The longer, static holds in yin yoga enable you to access your fascia and connective tissue. All our muscles are encased in this yin tissue which called fascia.

It is a continuous web of tissue that weaves in and around not only our muscles but also our organs, nerves and lymph. The white, sometimes glistening fibres you see when you pull a piece of meat apart – that is fascia. To keep it healthy and springy, we need to keep it hydrated and we need to apply pressure to it with these longer holds. Yin yoga does this by stretching out tight muscles and focusing on your breath. There is a particular mindfulness associate with Yin yoga. Dropping down to the parasympathetic nervous system it becomes a healing and nourishing practise.

The Life Centre is a long established yoga and pilates studio. Open 7 days a week they have daily classes in vinyasa, astanga, jivamutu yoga. Also pregnancy yoga, mummy and baby yoga, meditation classes, pilates classes and pregnancy pilates.  There is also a studio in Islington. All classes are bookable online and available for drop-in too. A new client offer gives you 2 weeks of unlimited adult classes for £25, so you can try a variety of classes and styles.

£105 unlimited class for 6 months  £130 – 1 month 3 months: £330 – 1 year: £1100

Class Passes 5 classes: £70 (£14 per class) – 10 classes: £120 (£12 per class) – 20 classes: £220 (£11 per class) –